Phones have been the central point of communication for many people across the globe. Small and large business firms have tapped into the potential of telephonic communication to rope in new business and service existing client accounts.

cordless phones

Concept of phone was first visualized by Alexander Graham Bell and later improvised on. Cordless phone is the latest addition to a large number of phones. Cordless phone eliminates the need of messy wiring and installation. They work on the principle of radios. Sound is transmitted from the base unit to handset via radio signal.

Frequency is one of the most important aspects in a cordless phone as it defines the range in which the unit would function. New cordless phones are available within a range of high frequencies of 900 Mhz, 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz. These are top of the end gadgets that function flawlessly in a limited range.

In the market there are numerous cordless phones. Several cordless phone manufacturers cater to the needs of people who want to buy different types of cordless phones. Some famous manufacturers are Panasonic, Uniden, and Motorola. Here in this article some new products has been randomly chosen. I would concentrate the specification features of the products.

Panasonic cordless phones hold so many features that in many ways, they can beat latest mobile phones also. These phones are smart in looks and they work on the frequency level of 5.8GHz and they use 89 different channels so that you can talk uninterrupted at any time.

Panasonic KX-TG and Panasonic KXTCD cordless Phones are a newly launched product by the electronic giant Panasonic. It packs a lot of features within an attractively designed phone, including a backlit LCD display, GAP compatibility, adjustable ringer melodies, night mode, time and date display, and many more.

Cheap Panasonic KXTCD240

Panasonic KXTCD 240

Cheap Panasonic KX-TG9150

panasonic KX-TG9150

Cheap Panasonic KXTCD290ET

Panasonic KXTCD290ET

Cheap Panasonic KXTCD240

Panasonic KXTCD240

Cheap Panasonic KX-TG9150

Panasonic KX-TG9150

The new model cordless phone from Panasonic has a crystal clear digital speaker phone combined with a voice enhancing facility that ensures that everything is well heard. This model phone is capable of storing up to 200 names and numbers within the directory. Panasonic, the largest electronic giant around the globe has never failed in capturing the hearts of the users. It was always the performance and quality that made it really rule the electronic world.

Sony Vaio -VGN-SZ4XWN/C

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This is the ultra slim Sony Vaio VGN-sz4xwn/C notebook PC bringing you a blend of portability, functionality and style with performance. Your new Sony Vaio SZ notebook has a stunning 13.3 inch widescreen LCD display incorporating Xbright technology. This great laptop is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and run by Microsoft Windows Vista Business, able to handle all your music, images, video, and documents.

Sony Vaio - VGN-SZ4XWN/C

The VGN-SZ4XWN/C has an 802.11a/b/g LAN for wireless connection to the internet and Bluetooth for wireless connection to peripherals. It also packs in a generous 2048MB of RAM, a huge 120GB hard drive and a double layer DVD±RW drive for playing and burning CDs and DVDs.

Key Specifications:

  • Processor manufacturer: Intel
  • Processor model: Core Duo T7200
  • Clock speed: 2 GHz
  • RAM installed: 2048 MB
  • Wireless LAN: 802.11 a/b/g
  • Wireless WAN: HSDPA (up to 3.6Mbps, on ExpressCard)
  • Hard drive size: 120 GB
  • Graphics processor: Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 / Intel GMA 950
  • Graphics RAM: 335 / 224 MB
  • Display diagonal size: 13.3 in
  • Case form factor: clamshell
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 31.5×3.26×23.4 cm
  • Weight: 1.69 kg
  • Operating system: Windows Vista Business
  • Additional software: VAIO Edit Components VAIO Media, VAIO Update, WinDVD for VAIO, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Click to DVD, DVGate Plus, Microsoft Office (Trial), Microsoft Works, Norton Ghost (Try and Buy), Norton Internet Security, Roxio DigitalMedia SE 7, SonicStag

Convertible paper PCs ever intend a aggregation of attention, modify if we don’t undergo anyone who actually uses one. It’s not surprising–in a concern of artefact products, where digit wear laptop looks such same the next, having a swiveling contact concealment is at small something a taste different, modify if you’re not digit of the containerful of media professionals, note-taking students, or realistic artists
who actually requirement the threefold paper and laptop modes of digit of these systems.

Toshiba undraped a newborn paper this Monday, the company’s prototypal Tablet PC to combine a touch-screen LED-backlit display. The Portege M700 offers a 12.1-inch screen, both fingertip and astir tool control, and an diode backlit pass (which are mostly thinner and device than tralatitious laptop screens) with an anti-glare coating, fit for exterior use.

We were rattling inclined of Toshiba’s R400 tablet, free in Jan of 2007, and different that model, this newborn paper offers a swappable intend bay, which crapper be utilised for an optical drive, player hornlike drive, or null at all, to revilement downbound on weight.

Toshiba’s choice plan includes an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7500 CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a 160GB hornlike intend for $1,799 (or $1,699 for a 1GB edition with Windows XP). If you’re itching to acquire a newborn redeemable tablet, online rumors feature Dell’s newborn paper module also entry this week, so meet tuned.

With a little help from Intel, Indian hardware manufacturer HCL Infosystems on Tuesday launched an ultra portable range of laptops with mobile Internet computing experience under Rs 15,000. And no, they are not called Classmate!

The self-branded laptops called HCL MiLeap X and Y Series have been designed exclusively for India, claimed the company.

HCL already has an existing range of its laptops called Leaptop. The entry-level laptop however does not have a hard disk and runs on Linux, though Microsft Vista can be added in the high-end Y Series.

Like Classmate PC from Intel, the two new models with a 7 inch screen size are ultra-light and weigh under-one kg. But there have been modifications made and customisation done for the product to suit to the needs of other user segments than just students.

Despite the price, the new range offers a full PC functionality with Internet experience unlike Classmate, and at a price much lower than Classmate.

‘MiLeap’ is targeted at consumer who needs to stay connected, informed, entertained and productive-anytime and anywhere. It’s lightweight and small in size makes it so convenient, that one does not think twice about carrying it to the office, home, gym or park, or using it in a train, bus, plane or metro, claimed the company.

Said HCL Infosystems chairman and CEO Ajay Chowdhry, “HCL is proud of its heritage of leading the technology revolution in India. With a legacy of having pioneered India’s first micro-computer, the country’s first desktop PC and the first home PC, at HCL it’s always been our endeavour to create technologies that touch lives.

“MiLeap’ Leaptops will herald in a new category of computing devices, opening up a wide range of new usage scenarioes and application areas,” he added.

Speaking at the launch of HCL’s new product, Intel’s managing director, sales and marketing, South Asia, Ramamurthy Sivakumar said, “In a world where the access to information technology is really the passport to the 21st century, Intel and HCL are determined to broaden the number of people who can get access to the Internet.”

MiLeap Leaptops’ ultra portable form factor makes it convenient to carry and open up new possibilities in usage among a much larger number of people in corporates and particularly small businesses.

The price of MiLeap X Series starts at Rs 13,990 and it will be available in both flash-based and disk based storage versions. Its design makes it dustproof, shock-proof and durable just like Classmate. Source:

Experience the incredible capabilities of the VAIO AR690 notebook. It boasts a 1080 HD multimedia powerhouse with Blu-ray Disc technology, DVR technology and a 17" widescreen display with XBRITE-HiColor LCD technology. Watch Blu-ray Disc movies in stunning HD clarity and record up to 50GB of content to a single Blu-ray Disc. This beautifully designed notebook also lets you watch and record TV, including high-definition and premium channels. Backed by Intel Core 2 Duo processor, this super-powerful notebook is the ultimate desktop replacement.


*Processor Brand:Intel
*Processor Class:Core 2 Duo
*Processor Speed:2.2 GHz
*Mobile Technology:Intel Centrino Duo
*Installed Memory:2 GB
*Maximum Memory:4 GB
*Memory Technology:DDR II SDRAM
*Cache Size:4 MB
*Hard Drive Capacity:160 GB
*Included Drives:BD-RE
*CD Write Speed:24 X
*CD Rewrite Speed:16 X
*CD Read Speed:24 X
*DVD Read Speed:8 X
*Display Size:17 in
*Display Type:TFT active matrix
*Graphics Processor:NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
*Resolution:1920 x 1200 pixels
*Battery Life:3.5 hour(s)
*Battery Type:Lithium ion
*Modem Speed:56 Kbps
*Operating System:Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
*Interface Provided:S-Video, VGA, Phone line, SPDIF output, HDMI, Ethernet
*Input Devices:Keyboard, Touchpad
*Included Sound Card:Sound card
*Weight:8.4 lbs
*Dimension:1.3 in x 16.4 in x 11.8 in (HxWx

Latest Acer Laptop Model

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With the latest Ferrari laptop, Acer is trying to inspire some collect-o-mania by limiting distribution to 99 units in Australia, the first three of which are on eBay. At the time of writing, there's one day left on the bidding and despite a AU$499 discount, there's not a single bid on any of the three.

The remaining 96 will be distributed as normal throughout the channel, with Acer posting a public lisit as to where each unit is on their Web site, under the dealership section.

The 12-inch laptop is certainly light, and although unlike cars we doubt the carbon fibre backing has anything to do with that, it sure does look nice. In fact Acer has spent a lot of time in trying to theme its laptop, from the obvious Ferrari logos, to the more subtle details like the checkerplate touchpad, and foot-pedal styled mouse buttons.

While the marketing terms of "keyless entry" for the power button and "dashboard" for the status lights and shortcut touch buttons do sound a bit wanky, you can't help but feel that it all contributes to a much nicer computing experience, where a bit more thought than is regularly used has gone into the design.

A few things have crept in that aren't optimal. Firstly, despite the Dolby branding (which seems to be for kudos alone) the speakers offer a tinny, malnourished sound, as is the hallmark of laptop sound -- but further to this the positioning of two speaker grills on the wrist rest means that they're obstructed by palms when typing. Fortunately two further grills on the lip itself means this is overcome somewhat, but it's still an issue. Bring some headphones for best listening.

Lefties will once again get a warm hand if they're using an external mouse, as the exhaust vent is on the left hand side rather than the rear. This design decision is interesting mainly because Acer have included an ambidextrous Bluetooth mouse, one that's quite pleasant to use at that.

And there's a third minor niggle -- using the designated scroll section doesn't work on the touchpad -- you have to scroll immediately to the left of it. Things are otherwise hunky dory.

It's here that this little 12-inch rattles off the usual suspects, with a slot loading DVD+-RW, SD/xD/MS card reader, USB and modem port on the right, and Ethernet, dual USB ports and Express Card 54 slot on the left. The front plays host to the usual Firewire 400, headphone, speakers and microphone jack, with the headphone jack doubling as an SPDIF out jack. Wireless and Bluetooth on/off switches sit to the right, with 802.11n being the highest flavour supplied.

Acer have spent a lot of time on the packaging itself, emitting a feeling of quality the moment you open the box. A Bluetooth mouse, VoIP phone (that is chargeable through the express card slot), monitor cleaning cloth and leather satchel are included on top of the usual manual and warranty cards.

Software is interesting -- while the damnable Yahoo toolbar is still there, crapware is kept within reasonable limits. More interesting is the fact that the default operating system is Vista Ultimate 64 bit -- indicating that the industry might finally be ready to step up from the 32 bit world we've been in for over 20 years.

Acer have essentially been locked into using an AMD processor, as AMD is another official sponsor of Ferrari. No surprises then that there's an ATI graphics chip in here as well, the Radeon Xpress 1270. The Xpress 1270 is not at all a powerful chip, pulling 353 in 3DMark06 -- meaning this laptop is not for games. A slightly better 3266 was to be had in PCMark05, indicating that productivity applications are the mainstay of this laptop

Battery time was not great at one hour, 28 minutes and 58 seconds when turning all power saving options off, and screen brightness to maximum. The whole reason for ultra-portables is meant to be easy to travel, and long battery life though, with competition like sony's computer (despite its considerably leaner hardware spec and more fragile build) nearly doubling the battery time of the Ferrari, it makes us wonder if the extra grunt in Acer's machine is worth it.

The Ferrari 1100's biggest problem is its price, and its perceived collector value. If you're willing to go one-inch larger, dell's computer does pretty much everything faster for close to half the price, and is lighter to boot. The thing you've got to ask yourself is simply: is the Ferrari badge worth it?

Latest Apple Laptop Model

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Apple has already made waves with its iPod, iPhone and trendy desktop computers, but last night the company threw out a new challenge to its competitors, the world's thinnest laptop.

The secretive Silicon Valley company confirmed the launch of the £1,199 Macbook Air, which measures just three-quarters of an inch (2cm) deep - thin enough to fit inside an envelope.

In his Macworld Expo keynote speech, speculation over which has been rife for weeks, chief executive Steve Jobs said Apple would try to take control of the video industry with movie rentals and a revamped Apple TV to stream films direct to television screens.

Until now iTunes customers have been able to buy movies outright, a business which has not been as successful as Apple's entry into music. Apple TV, which allows video to be streamed from a computer to a television screen, has struggled to make an impact. But Jobs predicted that a relaunch of the device would mark a significant shift in the film industry.

"On iTunes we've sold 125m TV shows, and we've sold 7m movies - it's more than everyone else put together, but it didn't meet our expectations," Jobs said. "I think we've got it right this time.

"We've all tried to figure out how to get movies over the internet and on to the TV - but we've all missed, no one has succeeded yet.

"We tried with Apple TV, but it's not what people wanted. So we're back with Apple TV take two - no computer is required. You can rent movies directly on your widescreen TV and you can rent them at DVD quality or you can rent then at high definition quality."

Costing $229 (£116), the system hooks into the company's plans to offer films to rent over the internet through its iTunes store, also confirmed yesterday. The company said it would join film studios including 20th Century Fox and Sony to allow iTunes users to stream movies direct to their computer or TV for a one-off payment of between $3 and $5.

The system will have 1,000 new titles and back catalogue films available by the end of February. It will start immediately in the US and in other territories later this year. "We're dying to get this international as well," Jobs said.

Similar in concept to the the BBC's iPlayer and Channel 4's on-demand service, Apple's systems will make downloads usable on iPods and iPhones as well as television sets.

Latest Computer Technology

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Each year it is crucial to some computer owners to examine the latest computer technology to keep their PC's up to date. There are an immense amount of options look into each new year . The important part is to research as much as possible. Make sure you know exactly what is necessary and what is not. One might not even have to go out and buy a brand spanking new system it could just be as simple as upgrading your current system with the latest computer technology. With internet shopping on the rise you don't even need to leave your home to find the latest computer technology. Just search for it on the internet, depending on the type of latest computer technology you are looking for depends on where you can find it. In some cases the upgrade could be as simple as a free download available on a specific website. Such examples of easy downloadable computer technology are Adobe Acrobat, different types of Instant Messaging programs, and a variety of music downloading programs are available for free online. These music programs involve different users from all over the globe who download and share music, this program is not only available as a free download online but in some cases the actual music download is free! This has caused a great deal of controversy in the past. Napster, a free music downloading program, caused a heated debate a couple years back. The United States bred Metal Band, Metallica, decided to sue Napster for the proceeds connected to their music. In their minds Napster was stealing money away from them.

The latest computer technology is not always downloadable from the internet. Sometimes you actually have to add hardware to your computer and install it with a CD-rom. This hardware can be bought either in the convenience of your own home on the internet or a visit to your nearest computer store. Some of the latest computer technology involving the installation of hardware are these little devices known as the digital cameras. The digital camera could be something such as a web-cam, recently known for its contribution to the porn industry. The Web-cam is basically a small video camera, most often attached to the side of the computer monitor, which captures your image and activity. This video recording can be used to communicate with family and friends across the globe or even posted on a website, often at a price. Nonetheless, the latest computer technology is always right at your fingertips!


The Centre for Quantum Computer Technology is an Australian multi-university collaboration undertaking research on the fundamental physics and technology of building, at the atomic level, a solid state quantum computer in silicon together with other high potential implementations. The objective is underpinned by a vigorous semiconductor research program that includes a sophisticated quantum measurement capability at ultra-low temperatures.

Established in January 2000 through funds from the Australian Research Council and participating institutions, the Centre has nodes at the following institutions; University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, UNSW@ADFA, Department of Defence, Griffith University, Macquarie University and University of Sydney. The nodes maintain an important collaboration on this project with Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States. The Centre encompasses major research infrastructure at each of the eight nodes, including an extensive semiconductor nanofabrication facility, crystal growth, ion implantation, surface analysis, laser physics, high magnetic fields/low temperatures, and has substantial theoretical support.

Computer Graphics Technology (CGT)

Computer Graphics Technology prepares visually oriented students for careers in creating and managing the production of computer graphics within a wide range of industries. Students work collaboratively in computer labs to master graphic techniques and concepts, and management skills. Students can choose to generalize in applied computer graphics technology or develop more in-depth knowledge and skills in areas such as interactive multimedia; technical animation; manufacturing graphics; or construction graphics.

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