The N95 8GB is the progeny of the legendary Nokia N Series. That is the reason it has so many expectations attached to it. And it delivers in a big way. Touted as a multimedia computer and phone rolled into one stylish looking package, it definitely delivers a punch.

You can unleash powerful functions with its elegant looking dual- slide design having multimedia keys. The screen is a 2.8 inches QVGA display which provides great picture quality, specially when it is supporting 16.7 million colours.

Nokia N95 8GB

The feature that makes it simply irresistible is the massive storage capacity and increased RAM as compared to its predecessor. Think of the possibilities you are can enjoy if you are provided with so much of storage space! Not only that, it makes the phone work faster, even when other applications are running in the background. The phone’s battery life has been given a huge boost. With a 1200 mAh and demand-paging feature enabled, the phone is simply ineluctable.The other features that make it a complete package are the built-in GPS receiver and A-GPS functionality,3G (with HSDPA), EDGE and GPRS support. Nokia N95 8GB phone is also supplemented with a 5 mega pixel camera with auto-focus and Carl Zeiss optics and a standard 3.5mm audio jack. The phone has a Nokia maps application which displays the maps of 100 countries worldwide. Hence, there is no way you can get lost even in an unknown destination..

The phone has indeed captured the hearts of millions throughout the globe. What remains to be seen is if Nokia Phones can better itself after reaching this landmark called the N95 8GB!!

Latest Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone

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The F305 and quick shooter - S302, Two of the phones the Swedish-Japanese company will announce have been leaked(source-, is expected for a Q3 2008 release with official release information being announced on Tuesday, June 17th, will be an interesting day for Sony Ericsson.

sony ericsson s302

The new F305 Gaming Phone. The accelerometer is a motion controlled hardware application that allows for the playing of games on the F305 with motion sensor controls. F305 comes with Bluetooth support, FM Radio, 2 megapixel camera and memory card slot.

Nokia N81 8GB vs Nokia N82

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The Nokia N81 8GB is a 3G enabled slider phone. The handset comes integrated with a camera, a MP3 player, a phone diary and connectivity options. The high-end connectivity options ensure fast transfer of data files.

  • Nokia N81 8GB is a 3G enabled slider phone.
  • N81 8GB comes integrated with a 2 megapixel camera for taking pictures as well as video recordings, comes with a complete suite of options that include digital zoom, xenon flash and photo gallery.
  • It provides the option of music streaming as well as wireless Bluetooth stereo A2DP connection.
  • The FM radio feature of the N81 8GB comes complete with visual radio.
  • In addition, the handset can be used by the users to play Java games as well.
  • N81 offers high-end connectivity options such as HSDPA, USB, EDGE and Bluetooth.
  • Other key features are a wide LCD QVGA screen, calculator, clock, Nokia Maps applications with advance user visibility.N81GB review.

Nokia N81 8GB vs Nokia N82

The Nokia N82 is a solid candy bar styled phone packed with high-end technologies. The phone supports advanced camera, music player as well as 3G functionalities. Therefore, it can be said that the N82 is ideal for professionals, avid users, as well as businessmen.

  • The Nokia N82 is a solid candy bar styled phone. It works well on the 2G and 3G networks.
  • N82 have Bluetooth technology, wireless connectivity option, USB connection. Other technologies empowered with WLAN wireless local area network and EDGE.
  • This 3G phone comes with 100 MB of internal memory plus, it gives the option of expanding the memory up to 2GB with MicroSD memory card.
  • Its GPS routing system and Nokia map applications assist the users on a whole new adventure.
  • The device has wide TFT colour screen can be used to view videos with clarity.
  • Built-in 5 megapixel camera is a good option for capturing the best moments of life.

Tips for Nokia Mobile Hack

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#67# Allows you to check the number that "On Busy Calls" are diverted to

*#67705646#R emoves operator logo on 3310 & 3330

*#73# Reset phone timers and game scores

*#746025625# Displays the SIM Clock status, if your phone supports this power saving feature "SIM Clock Stop Allowed", it
means you will get the best standby time possible

*#7760# Manufactures code

*#7780# Restore factory settings

*#8110# Software version for the nokia 8110

*#92702689# (to rember *#WAR0ANTY#)

#pw+1234567890+3# Country Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

#pw+1234567890+4# SIM Card Lock Status.(use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

*#147# (vodafone) this lets you know who called you last *#1471# Last call (Only vodofone)

*#21# Allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted To

*#2640# Displays security code in use

*#30# Lets you see the private number

*#43# Allows you to check the "Call Waiting" status of your phone.

*#61# Allows you to check the number that "On No Reply" calls are diverted to

*#62# Allows you to check the number that "Divert If Unrea chable(no service)" calls are diverted to

#pw+1234567890+3# Country Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

#pw+1234567890+4# SIM Card Lock Status.(use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

*#147# (vodafone) this lets you know who called you last *#1471# Last call (Only vodofone)

*#21# Allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted To

*#2640# Displays security code in use

*#30# Lets you see the private number

1 Imagine ur cell battery is very low, u r expecting an important call and u don't have a charger.

Nokia instrument comes with a reserve battery. To activate, key is "*3370#"

Ur cell will restart with this reserve and ur instrument will show a 50% incerase in battery.

This reserve will get charged when u charge ur cell next time.

*3370# Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR)-Your phone uses the best sound quality but talk time is reduced by approx. 5%
#3370# Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec( EFR)

*#4720# Activate Half Rate Codec - Your phone uses a lower quality sound
but you should gain approx 30% more Talk Time
*#4720# Deactivate Half Rate Codec

*#43# Allows you to check the "Call Waiting" status of your phone.

*#61# Allows you to check the number that "On No Reply" calls are diverted to

*#62# Allows you to check the number that "Divert If Unrea chable(no service)" calls are diverted to

This is the Swiss Army Style Knife with USB drive. There’s a 34mm Knife, Pen, Scissors, Nail File, Flat Tip Screwdriver etc. in it and also an 8GB flash drive to store you data. Besides that there’s also an LED light which is quite useful when doing things in the dark and you can write with this too, it has a replaceable ink cartridge. This multi-tool is available at at $44.40.

Are you worried about to wet your phone? Relax now, don;t worry, and need not to care to be drop in water. Recently Fujitsu launches F706i a waterproof mobile phone that can be used up to 6 meters underwater. You can use this phone when you are in shower or tub.

Fujitsu F706i

The Fujitsu F706i is a slim clam shell flip phone that weighs in at 137g, equipped with a large 2.7-inch display that swivels to landscape style viewing. It also has a 2 mp camera and support for microSD cards for memory expansion. The handset is also capable of HSDPA connectivity speeds with a full web browser. It also comes with a multimedia player that’s said to read quite a few of the more popular AV formats

For last few days, I was trying to figure out that whether I should go for the iPhone or ipod and finally ended with new iPhone. Well, Apple is a leading brand in the domain of mobile technology.Apple has given some of the best gadgets to it customers. Almost everyone has appreciated the revolutionary music device- iPod and the same response can be seen in the Apple iphone as well.

Apple iPhone

The incredible iPhone is really awesome, as it comes with great design and highly fashionable looks. As a matter of fact, like high-end music features in the iPod, the users can also enjoy listening to music, even on the iPhone. Apart from the music, iPhone comes with few extra features such as Bluetooth, a digital camera, EDGE capabilities, gas speakers, a phone as well as long lasting battery. The local wireless Wi-Fi helps the users to connect with any Wi-Fi hotspot and surf the net with ease. The incredible EDGE technology provides fast speed data transfer over the internet. Moreover, the maps option in the iPhone makes the journey safer, even on a new location.

Apple Ipod

Like iPod, the advanced iPhone comes with a wonderful music library which allows the users to manage the playlist with their favorite songs. Moreover, this advanced gadget is backed with the video capabilities that allow the users to play and record the clips on its wide screen.

The users of the iPhone can play music in various popular formats such as AAC and MP3 while, iPod users have a wider choice of playing music formats such as MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV and Apple Loseless. Apart from the music, the users can also play videos in formats such as MP4, H.264, M4v and Mov. Keeping aside the music and video formats, the iPod comes in option of massive memory i.e. 30 GB or 80 GB, while iPhone comes with 4 GB and 8 GB of memory.

With the fully charged battery, the users can listen to the music for 14 hours and up to 3.5 hours for video on an iPod. In comparison the iPhone allow users to enjoy up to 16 hours of audio playback.

To conclude, it can be said that ipod is better choice for the users who are looking for music device, as it comes loaded with massive memory. On the other hand, the iPhone is equipped with several music and other mobile telephony features.

Nokia N Series Mobile Phones

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It all started with sheer research and consequently culminated into something big. Nokia’s world wide applauded N-series does not need any introduction, as it has already created a huge buzz in the ever-evolving world of mobile phones. Whether its style, functionalities and easier usability – N- series scores full marks in all departments. Since the advent of the very first nokia n series phone, Nokia has added various powerful performers in this elite league. The latest and the most happening ornaments of the N-series are Nokia N95,Nokia N73,Nokia N80 and Nokia N93i. Whatever you want in your mobile phone, this elite series offers more than you can imagine.

Nokia N Series Phones

The Nokia N73 is endowed with all possible advanced multimedia functions to make an impression as a mobile computer than just a mobile phone. Next in line after the highly successful Nokia N70, this imaging wizard is even a great media player, office tool and a powerful communicator. The Nokia N73 is enriched with features that are necessary requirements of your life – both personal and professional. All great tools and functions of this smartphone is accomodated in a sleek candy bar case in colour choices of Silver Grey-Deep Plum, Frost White-Metallic Red and a Black, Music Edition version.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Nokia N81 is the Lifeblog, which lets users create, edit, present search and share content- their life in text, photos, music, and videos with other users.Nokia has been successful in creating a strong, loyal following by keeping up with the trends.Nokia Phones have identified and connected with its new age generation and hence, they are being able to bring out the products that have an instant and massive appeal among its target market. Rest assured, this little 140 gram tech-packed entertainment device will stay beside you, singing to you at night or day.

Nokia N80 is also no exception as it too offers a range of powerful functionalities. You have digital camera, computer applications, video capabilities, music features and many such things. The technical specifications and the feature list makes it a handset made with the future in mind. Enjoy digital entertainment with Nokia N80’s wide-range of multimedia features. The Multimedia feature list includes a 3-megapixel camera and a RealPlayer which gives life to images and videos.

Moreover, the Nokia N76 black offers an array of digital and multimedia features such as a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, multimedia player, Java games and lots more. Take picture and share with friends via MMS, email or Bluetooth. You can also download and play your preferred songs. Supported with up to 2GB memory space – the Nokia N76 accommodates more multimedia and other data files.

The 3G smartphone, Nokia N77 provides the user with a highly sophisticated mobile phone allowing them to multitask and enjoy 3G video calls. N77 incorporates many options which allow the purchaser to transfer files and download data between compatible devices, absolutely without any hassle.

Most important feature of any camera centric phone would obviously be its integrated camera module. Nokia N93i, in this regard, makes quite an impression with its massive 3.2 megapixel camera module. Armed with lens crafted by world renowned Carl Zeiss optics, the handset captures each and every detail of the subject in true to life colours. Highest possible resolution for stills is 2048 x 1536 pixels. While in video recording mode, the Nokia N93i captures footage at 30 frames per second – against the industry norm of 15 frames pre second. This results in high definition videos comparable to DVDs.