Apple’s latest laptop

Posted by AMAR BHAGAT | 12:29 PM

The laptop took a new meaning with the newest invention of Apple. It is so thin it fits in a regular manila envelope.

In a speech in front of about 4000 attendees to MacWorld conference (San Francisco), Steve Jobs showed the latest model of laptops: MacBook Air.

With the theatrical style that characterizes him, Steve Jobs took out a regular manila envelope, legal size, and removed a real live Macbook Air. Jobs claimed he have made a comparison with all the current thinnest laptops.

The MacBook Air will be available in stores in two weeks and it will cost $1,799. The device has a slightly wedge-shaped profile. It weighs about 3 pounds, and sports a thickness of 0.16-0.76 inches. It’s 12.8 inches wide and 8.95 inches deep. The MacBook Air can get about 5 hours of battery life with wireless networking turned on.