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Posted by AMAR BHAGAT | 11:01 AM

Hi, my name is Amar Bhagat

I can show you the secret that can dramatically increase your revenue. It's a secret that only a few insiders know about... how to turn an $8 domain registration fee into thousands of dollars!

But before I get ahead of myself, let me take a few seconds to tell you how I got here.

I used to be a programmer. I would write computer code for a living, add in a few nice icons, and then work hard trying to sell my product. But then I realised... if I can sell computer programs, I can sell domain names. Whereas I would work hard to write a program, there was almost no work in domain names... I just had to figure out HOW TO DO IT!

To tell you the truth, once I found out what I was doing right... I applied it to every sale that I made.

Professionals miss 98% of opportunities to sell!

It sounds crazy, but it's an amazing fact.

I know because I was like you when I started out. I bought a few domain names and listed them for sale at $2000 each, but just kept waiting and waiting for buyers...

Now that I know how to sell domains, I am always amazed to see people making the same mistakes that I made when I started out...

That's right, everytime I log on to a domain forum, I see new people, and so called "professionals", who just ignore rule #1 of domaining! They list their domains for sale and expect them to sell, but do not make the buyer want their domains.

...Because no one showed them how to!

But it's a fact: making a domain irresistable is a simple step-by-step process. It's all about setting your domain in the right light by simply following the easy selling rules that insider domainers worship.

These are the rules which make domainers hit the jackpot.

And I tell you, it took me some time to figure them out...

Gain Access to the Domain Book.

Give me access to a book with so much success that I feel like I'm rich already! I'm going to stop wasting my valuable domains, and turn them into domain cash! This is a massive ebook of 83-pages, packed with insider's information that you can only find here!

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